Undergraduate Student Engagement System

Developed a multi-database student engagement system for use by multiple departments at the University of Lincoln to facilitate, log and report interactions between students and their personal tutors.

Sep 2019

Asgard System Stack

This project involved working in a small team to provide technical advice and implementation support for a number of decoupled microservices including a support ticketing system for the University of Lincoln School of Computer Science’s devolved technical support team, remote monitoring system for the School’s lab PCs, lab timetabling, asset management software and a customisable carousel display system.

Mar 2019

Automato Project

Industry-led project which aimed to develop a robotic system for quality inspections and tomato harvesting

Mar 2019

Mushroom Project

Worked with a major mushroom supply company to automate the detection and picking of mushrooms which involved the design, implementation and testing of mushroom detection and position estimation software.

Dec 2018

Postgraduate Management System

Designed a student management system for postgraduate research students which illustrated the life-cycle of a student's course and progress.

Aug 2017

Transnational Programme Matcher

Developed a system to aid the partnership between the University of Lincoln and KDU Penang University College, Malaysia to enable the comparison of programme criteria to validate degrees obtained from both institutions.

Jul 2017

Care Plan

Commissioned to prepare a scheduling and timetabling system for in-home care assistance which involved validating the carer’s arrival and departure and auto-scheduling carer visits using location-based processing. Project implemented, but not deployed to production due to an unrelated internal client issue.

Nov 2016

Sprayer Project

Worked with a large agricultural sprayer company to provide a software component which automated the height of the sprayer nozzle on a tractor sprayer.

Sep 2014

Strands Project - UROS

Worked on a Europe-wide project that facilitated long term autonomy which utilised people detection to adapt the interaction of an industry-standard robot to face towards people in its vicinity.

Aug 2013